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COOLAGE - Collage for Instagram

Ready to share your life story with your followers in a new fabulous way with Coolage?!?

This is a brand new photo editing app that makes a sequence of connected images so you can create beautiful and eye-catching posts for Instagram. Make a fantastic storyline, decorate it with cool stickers, frames, and text to express your uniqueness. Doesn’t matter if you make Coolage for post or story, likes will immediately skyrocket when you present your content.

How to use Coolage?

- Start with our designed templates

- Choose different frames for images

- Select the number of images per page

- Add some stickers from our unique collection

- Add text or choose captions based on the selected theme

- Filters? - YES! There are plenty of them

- Pick a Line that connects your images

Find us on Facebook @coolageapp and Instagram @coolage.app #coolageapp

Try it now and don’t forget to tell us what you think about our themes, stickers, quotes, and app in general. We are here for all the suggestions. Stay tuned for updated elements based on your feedback. Enjoy!

SPENDI - Expense Tracker + Budget Planner

Plan your 'budget' with the help of the  SPENDI - Expense Tracker + Budget Planner! Keep track of expenses and have a clear finance report. This 'wallet' app for Android™ was carefully created for people who need a better 'money' management. Use it as a money saver, transaction log, or budget planner. Gain full control over your expenses! Thanks to this money tracker, budgeting and saving will be much easier for you. All you have to do is download the 'e wallet' and keep track of spending.

Caffeine Tracker (available on Google Play and iTunes)

Reach your ideal daily 'caffeine intake' with the help of the ☕'Caffeine Tracker - Caffeine Calculator'☕! By downloading this 'drink' counter, you will have more than 800 beverages to choose from. 'Coffee', tea, shots, energy drinks, soda – you name it!

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What We Offer

Have an idea that you’re trying to bring to life online? We bring a wide array of professional services in mobile development, design, and project management to the work we’re involved with. We can manage it all while maintaining high standards of quality. Call today and let us transform your online presence into something exceptional.

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Since the early days of Quail Software, we’ve had a strong commitment to Coding. This skill is indispensible when it comes to leaving a lasting impression on a client, and ensuring their final product both looks and works great. With our Coding services and experience, we’re always working to ensure our clients’ needs get the attention they deserve.

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Graphic Design

At Quail Software, we understand how important it is to create a meaningful and lasting connection with users on the mobile app. Our Graphic Design services are available and customizable to suit whatever your needs may be, helping to place your online platform a step ahead. Call us today to find out how we can give your digital presence the boost it demands.


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